10 Best Chat Apps


Best Chat Apps Technical progress in this era, too many massage application which contains inside from customers like yourself can choose. Massage application s chat is used for purposes. Instant messaging and voice call related communication is easy by this application are. Any smartphone operating system, regardless of the massage app can be installed. Windows, Androied or IOS, including all operating system can use them to. At present, application of the smartphone, the to download and live chat easy to. Different massage applications in various features.

App some common features:

• Voice and video calls
• Available free
• Instant bartpe can be
• Share photos to

1. Messenger

10 Best Chat Apps 5 Best Chat apps 1

This application of your respective operating Store ( Play Store ) Free From can download. Currently, it’s one hundred billion users. Messenger, Facebook’s a product. Facebook Messenger also known as this app is. Facebook users this app through the real-time communication in can. All types of operating systems of this App support the. Best Chat Apps. Function the same although the operating system, penetrating the interface of different are.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

10 Best Chat Apps 6 Best chat app 1

Facebook Messenger, like the one billion user WhatsApp use. It is worldwide the second largest messaging application. Facebook’s acquisition of the messaging application, the user has increased. IT services, security and advanced features, because the more users know Best Chat Apps, has achieved. This easy, brand advertising, there is said the to. It’s free and easy to download goes.

3. WeChat

10 Best Chat Apps 7 best chat app 2

WeChat is basically the Chinese application. It is Best Chat Apps in China. It is the Chinese people the most widely used. Other social massage application of features and with some extra features, associated, there, which you overcome will. Your smartphone bake or ACE near you, a new friend able to find. Alternatively, one GPS function, using the new friends I can take. Application is free, and day by day customer numbers rise.

4. Line

10 Best Chat Apps 8 best chat app 3

200 million active users, with line, a free application, which users to make free calls and send messages of support. It is Asian countries is quite a popular app. Massage applications the numerous and extraordinary features, such as line, group video calls and voice calls, Line stickers and Line timeline contains. Of you who are fascinated will.

This app has a remarkable feature is users to play games, can. However, users play the game before registering to.

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