Best Free Antivirus For Mobile 2020

Best free antivirus for mobile 2020

Android is more popular than Windows. The best free antivirus for mobile 2020 is coming for you. It command be hard to believe it, but Android is used more than any other device or operating system in the world. Now Windows is important for many things but one of its more infamous claims to fame is how affected users are to viruses and malware, just ask an Apple Mac user. This is considering the more people use an operating system, the many hackers and cybercriminals will target it. So, with that being the case, you already know that there is plenty of malicious artists out there targeting your Android or Windows Smartphone.

Today, to help you stay safe when you are on your phone, we’re going to looking the best antivirus apps available on the Google Play Store that you can download and install on your Android phones. Even better, all the Android apps we’re talking about all-time are free.

Best free antivirus for Android phone

1. AVG Antivirus Free


AVG is one of the strong smartphone versions of a fully-featured desktop computer antivirus program. It comes with a spam call blocker, regular scanner, cache cleaner for getting rid of your trash and a power-saving feature that can make your smart phone’s battery life last much longer. Another very cool feature you’ll get with AVG is an RAM booster, which will be hunting out programs that are hogging up your system’s RAM while not actually doing anything. This is excellent if you’re smartphone is running slower than usual and your scans have turned off. Now the Best free antivirus for Android phones this year.

2. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Sophos is an outstanding mobile antivirus software that regularly performs highly with independent testing labs. The app offers an ad-free experience, which is limited for free apps and also has robust anti-malware procedures. Other tools that come with this feature-packed app include an app locker, loss, and anti-theft features, web filtering, malicious site are blocking and phone call protection and spam blocking. This app is great and free.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free 2020

Bitdefender mobile security is a nonheavy weight Android antivirus app, which makes it ideal for any person using an older phone or a more mid-range model Bitdefender unused your system resources by not working real-time protection all the time in the background. You’ll have to schedule your scans manually, even though all new apps will be scanned when they are downloaded. It is not hard to get it all set up though, so we can advise Bitdefender for all users.

3. Avira Antivirus Security

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Avira Antivirus 2020

The Avira android app has some neat features that set it apart from the support. Apps are rated with a privacy system, so it is very easy for you to know how they use your data and your android phone’s sensors. The free version does not come with malicious site blocking, however, you will have to pay for that, but you will get a complete scanner that can’t only scan the contents of your android phone’s hard drive but also any SD cards you’re using too.

4. Avast Antivirus

This antivirus is one of the most popular security out there when it comes to Antivirus so you know you will get complete protection mobile application. Features include observing how long you’re consuming on each app, a disc cleaning feature that’ll get rid of all your junk files, and a powerful scanner that works with a simple tap. A different cool feature is the Avast photo vault, which will give you a secure place to store secret photos.

5. 360 Security

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360 Security

Another cool free antivirus app deserving your application. With this app, you will get all the usual features we have been over with other apps including an antivirus scanner, anti-theft protection, junk cleaner, and more. You will also get a rather handy CPU cooler tool. Which will come in very helpful whenever you feel your android phone heating up, which more phones seem to do much more oftentimes these days.

6. Kaspersky Internet Security

The free Kaspersky mobile security app gives you entrance to powerful malware protection. The tool that’ll snuff out almost all types of malware. That gets onto your smartphone. It also has a robust blocker for malicious websites. It will decrease up dodgy links it doesn’t think you should click. Kaspersky runs in the backdrop checking for apps. However, so it could be a little heavy on your phone’s processor and RAM.


Stay with us for more updates.

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